Hino expands 300 Series Built to Go range

Hino 300 Series Built to Go Range
Hino Australia’s light-duty truck customers now have even more choice with the expansion of the 300 Series Built to Go (BTG) range.

Hino Australia’s light-duty truck customers now have even more choice with the expansion of the 300 Series Built to Go (BTG) range

“The Hino BTG range provides high quality, durable and convenient drive-away solutions for car and truck-licenced buyers who require the reliability of a Hino truck with the quality and peace of mind that a Hino Genuine body offers,” said Daniel Petrovski, Manager of Product Strategy for Hino Australia.

“In July, we launched our new 300 Series range, which leads the Japanese-manufactured Australian light-duty truck market in the areas of safety, power and efficiency, offering customers benchmark levels of on-road performance and superior levels of interior ergonomics and comfort. 

“With the expansion of the BTG range, Australian customers can now choose from an even broader range of premium BTG trucks that are ready to drive away, avoiding the delivery lead times that can occur with a custom-built truck body. 

“It is possible to test drive a BTG truck at a Hino dealership today and put it to work tomorrow." 

More High Quality Alloy Tray and TradeAce products

The 2020 BTG 300 Series range offers even more variants including new Crew Cab models and a new range of Alloy Tray models, both introduced following customer feedback. 

“Our traditional and popular Hino TradeAce models are fitted with a Hino Genuine aluminium tray, ladder racks and a Hino Genuine full protection premium Bullbar (Wide Cab) or nudge bar (Standard Cab),” said Mr Petrovski.  

“The TradeAce range has been expanded and now includes short and medium wheelbase variants in both the Standard Cab and Wide Cab models.”  

Mr Petrovski cites the superior floor and ladder rack ratings as demonstrations of the strength of the Hino Genuine aluminium tray. 

“The 616 and 617 TradeAce and Alloy Tray variants have a 4 tonne floor rating, while the new 721 models have a massive 6 tonne floor rating.” 

The TradeAce ladder racks are rated to carry 250kg on short wheelbase models (one rack plus headboard) and 350kg on longer wheelbases (two ladder racks plus headboard). 

“In the last decade, we have sold thousands of Hino Genuine alloy trays – feedback from our customers is that they appreciate the strength, durability and look of our high quality aluminium tray.”

It is this ongoing consultation with customers and dealers that has resulted in the expansion of the TradeAce models and the addition of new Alloy Tray models to the BTG range. 

“The Alloy Tray range features the same base aluminium tray body specification as the Hino TradeAce models but without ladder racks and the nudge bar or Bullbar.” 

All Hino Genuine aluminium trays are constructed from high grade aluminium extrusion, which is both light and strong, maximising payloads while providing a durable tray body. 

Every Hino aluminium tray features a full size head-board, easy fold and removable drop sides and large rope rails, tray fittings such as latches and hinges all made of zinc plated steel, and mud guards use heavy duty aluminium chequer plate.

“BTG Alloy Tray and TradeAce customers will receive a tray with same superior quality, reliability and durability as the Hino truck they are driving.” 

Another new addition to the BTG range are the 300 Series Crew Cab variants, which are available in both the Alloy Tray and TradeAce configuration.

“The new Crew Cab variants are truly versatile vehicles with a tray length similar to the Single Cab models; a towing capacity of up to 3,500kg; and an increased capacity of 7 seats – it can work hard during the week, and support a family lifestyle on the weekend.” 

The new Alloy Tray and TradeAce range now also includes Australia’s most powerful Japanese-built light-duty truck, the new 721 model. 

With an impressive 205hp and 600Nm of torque when matched to the six-speed double overdrive transmission, the 721 Alloy Tray and TradeAce variants are available in both Single and Crew Cab variants, and can be rated at a Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) of either 4,495kg on a car licence or 6,500kg on a light rigid truck licence. 

“The Hino Alloy Tray and TradeAce BTG models are designed to be true hard working trucks that provide a number of options for car-licenced customers.” 

Hino Genuine Steel Tray - SteelAce 

The popular Hino SteelAce is the only factory-fitted steel tray BTG product available from a Japanese truck manufacturer in Australia. 

“It continues to be the ideal solution for customers who need a tray tough enough to handle hard, heavy work and point loads, whether they are concreters, roof tilers or brick layers carrying equipment such as mixers in the back,” said Mr Petrovski. 

“With its heavy duty steel chequer plate floor, the Hino SteelAce is tailored for these type of customer applications.” 

Every Hino SteelAce is fitted with a Hino Genuine full protection premium Bullbar and features a full size head-board matched to two steel ladder racks. 

All tray fittings such as latches and guards on the SteelAce use heavy duty steel, and come with removable drop sides with access steps at the front and rear of the body.

The range includes Wide Cab car-licenced 616 and 617 products that have GVMs of between 4,495 and 5,500kg, as well as 716 and 717 variants with GVMs between 4,495 and 6,500kg.

Transmission options for BTG Tipper 

The Hino 300 Series Tipper range is extensive and it continues to be the only Japanese light-duty tipper available with a choice of either a manual or true automatic transmissions. 

“For over 20 years, Hino BTG Genuine Tippers have offered customers a combination of high quality strength and durability with short delivery lead times.” 

All Hino Genuine Tipper bodies are manufactured in Japan using high quality steel and feature drop sides and auto opening tailgates. 

Selected models also feature rope rails, easy-to-use barn-style rear door openings and a body lock. 

“The 616 Standard Cab Tipper can haul an impressive 1.7 tonnes of payload on a car licence, yet is only 1.9m wide allowing it to squeeze into tight spaces,” said Mr Petrovski. 

The Wide Cab and Crew Cab variants are available in body lengths between 3.1m and 4m with a payload of up to 4.7 tonne. 

“The BTG Tipper is a perennial favourite with builders, landscapers, local councils and other tradespeople, due to its strength and reliability,” said Mr Petrovski. 

Class-leading safety 

Like all new 2020 300 Series trucks, the BTG range features Hino SmartSafe, a comprehensive safety package with advanced driver-assist technology that takes an active focus in protecting the life of drivers, passengers and other road users. 

Hino SmartSafe includes a Pre-Collision System (PCS) with Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB), Pedestrian Detection (PD), Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS), Vehicle Stability Control (VSC), Reverse Camera and a suite of other standard safety features,” said Mr Petrovski. 

“When customers purchase a Hino BTG truck, they drive away with a transport solution that features class-leading safety, is fitted with a high quality Hino Genuine body, and backed by Hino Advantage,” concluded Mr Petrovski. 

Hino Advantage is a suite of business support solutions that includes a 3-years or 100,000km standard warranty, Capped Price ServicingHino Genuine Parts, 24/7 Roadside Assist and more. 

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